Project Manager Implementation Integrity Policy (CLOSED)

opened: 2019-11-01 closed: 2019-11-08

The University of Twente (UT) attaches great importance to the integrity of its employees and students and is constantly working to strengthen its organization in the field of integrity. The University of Twente has the ambition to create a “House of Integrity” where scientific integrity, social integrity and business integrity are part of and...

Keynote address: Dr. Tamar Sharon

The Googlization of health: An empirical-philosophical inquiry

On Friday 8th November, Tamar will be talking about the Googlization of health: An empirical-philosophical inquiry into the plurality of common goods. As we move into the digital era, companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are increasingly becoming important facilitators of medical research and healthcare provision. This “Googlization of health” may advance personalized medicine...

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