Ph.D. Position ‘Confucianism and Ethics of Technology’ 

closed: 2021-05-19

Many societies around the world have incorporated new technologies, creating the potential for massive changes in individuals’ daily lives and the political sphere. New technologies have altered cultural practices and social and economic institutions in many societies around the world. This poses a novel and exciting challenge for Confucianism, one of the most ancient...

Ph.D. researcher: Intergenerational Democracy and Negative Emissions Technology: Procedural Justice and Legitimacy for Future People in Climate Policy

closed: 2021-05-26

The University of Twente Department of Philosophy and the Gravitation Programme concerning the Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies (ESDT) invites applications for a Ph.D. position (Full time, 4 years) concerning intergenerational justice and negative emissions technologies (NETS) as part of the “Free and Fair Society” line. Deadline of application:  May 26th, 2021. For more...

Ph.D. project on Emerging Technologies & the Moral Character of the Human Being

closed: 2021-05-31

The PhD candidate is expected to write a dissertation at the intersection of philosophical anthropology, philosophy of human-technology relations, and ethics. Emerging technologies result in new types of human-technology relations. Rather than being ‘used’, they bring configurations as ‘immersion’ (Internet-of-Things), ‘fusion’ (implants), ‘augmentation’ (augmented reality), ‘telepresence’ (robotics and digital media), and ‘co-operation’ (artificial intelligence)....

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