How do I become a 4TU.Ethics Ph.D. Member?

Ph.D. students who are working in one of the four philosophy departments of the four Dutch technical universities are in principle members of 4TU.Ethics. However, to become an actual member – affiliate or full – some further steps need to be taken.

Once the 4TU.Ethics coordination team is made aware of you having accepted a PhD position at one of the four philosophy departments, they send you a welcoming e-mail with a package of further information. You can always e-mail the coordinator yourself to start this process ().

Most importantly, the information package explains that you need to devise a 4TU.Ethics Education Plan that you send back to the coordinator, who then sends it to 4TU.Ethics’ chair for final approval. As soon as this has been provided, you are officially a member.

For further information about the difference between affiliate and full PhD membership, please go to the PhD Education Page .

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