Brief Introduction of 8TU in China

Inspired by the good model of 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology (4TU.Ethics) founded in 2007 as a collaboration of Delft university of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Twente in the Netherlands “to study ethical issues in the development, use and regulation of technology” (, Professor Wang Qian at Dalian University of Technology initiated to develop China’s 5TU Research Federation for Ethics of Science and Technology (5TU.Ethics) in November 2011, which included five key technical universities in China (Dalian University of technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Beijing Institute of Technology , and Southeast University). In July 2015, three more Chinese key technical universities (Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and South China University of Technology) joined the federation, afterwards 5TU was extended into 8TU.

Missions of 8TU Ethics Federation

  1. To encourage both theoretical studies and applied research of practical problems in the field of ethics of science, technology and engineering;

  2. To collaborate to undertake educational activities in the field of ethics of science, technology and engineering;

  3. To enhance the academic communications and collaborations inside 8TU Ethics Federation as well as together with 4TU Ethics Centre.

8TU and 4TU have developed an extensive cooperation, which includes an annual workshop between since 2012; so far five workshops have been held, which are as followings:


Time Place Theme
2012.10.29-30 Dalian The Ethical Exploration of Responsible Innovation
2013.06.26-27 The Hague Responsible Innovation in Science and Technology
2014.06.28-30 Dalian The Theoretical and Practical Explorations of Responsible Innovation
2015.07.06-07 Shenyang Responsible Innovation in Ports and High-tech Zones
2016.07.04-05 Twente Dutch and Chinese Approaches in the Ethics of Technology


Besides the annual workshop collaborations, 8TU and 4TU have cooperated with each other in broad ways, such as scholars and students exchange programs, collaborations on publishing English papers, co-editing academic books on Responsible Innovation, ect. We believe with further and mutual efforts, the collaborations between 8TU and 4TU will be more fruitful in the future!


For more information, please contact:
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