Doing Research with Us

The 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology and its members are pleased to collaborate with other academic researchers and other parties. We seek academic collaboration with strong scholars and academic centres and units in our own field as well as other relevant fields. If you seek academic collaboration this page provides the necessary information. If you represent a non-academic organisation, please see the Knowledge Transfer section of this website for more information on collaboration.

Joint Research Proposals

If you seek partners for collaboration on a research proposal, please search the Academic Staff page for suitable collaborators, use the search function above, or consult with the Coordinator of the Centre at We are eager to participate in suitable EU (Horizon 2020), Dutch (NWO) and international grant proposals.

Visiting the Centre

If you are interested in visiting the Centre contact the Coordinator, or contact one of the full professors at a university associated with the Centre that you would like to visit. We do not commonly fund visitor’s stays unless they are visiting on the basis of a prior invitation by the Centre. For extended stays of PhD students and postdoc with use of office space, we may ask for compensation for our expenses.

Studying at the Centre

If you are not currently enrolled in a graduate programme, we encourage you to look at our master programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society – which includes a specialisation track in Ethics and Technology, and our PhD programme in Ethics and Technology. Visiting PhD students and postdocs are welcome to attend courses in our master and PhD programmes. There may be some restrictions on course attendance.

Other Collaborations

The 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology is keen to set up links with other strong academic centres in our field or related fields. If you wish to connect to us or our members, or you have another form of academic collaboration in mind, contact our researchers directly through their homepage, or contact the general address of the Centre.