International Workshop

Preparing for Social Responsibility

Teaching ethics, peace and sustainability to students in science and engineering.

International Workshop at Delft University of Technology, 13th to 15th October 2010


The knowledge and technology produced by natural scientists and engineers can enhance human wellbeing, but it can also be abused. There are also unwanted effects such as unforeseen risks, pollution and depletion of natural resources, as well as social conflicts. Students of science and engineering are often unaware of resulting dilemmas which they will have to face in their future careers. It is a task of science and engineering education to empower its students to deal with these dilemmas and to contribute to the improvement of the social, legal and institutional context in which they do their work so as to ensure a positive impact of science and technology upon society. In short, science and engineering education should empower its students for social responsibility.

This workshop is devoted to relevant educational components and approaches at the university level. The subjects of the workshop are:

educational methods and contents
strategies and policies for successful development and implementation of teaching modules.

The workshop provides a platform for:

exchanging experiences and insights
networking and establishment of cooperation, like joint development of teaching approaches and exchange of teaching material.

The workshop is a follow up of two similar workshops that were held in Copenhagen (2005) and Hamburg (2008).

The organizers have initiated peace, ethics and sustainability teaching for science and engineering students at their universities. They cooperate within networks such as the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility and within the Pugwash Movement.

We invite colleagues and experts with practical experience and ideas to come to Delft for this three day workshop to share experiences and to exchange insight and inspiration for future work. If you would like to participate and/or present a contribution, please inspect the participation section of this website for relevant information.
















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