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Nolen Gertz
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Dr. Gertz, N. (Nolen)

Assistant Professor of Applied Philosophy, University of Twente Nolen Gertz is the author of Nihilism and Technology (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018), and is currently completing a book on Nihilism for MIT Press’s Essential Knowledge series.  He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research in 2012. His doctoral dissertation...

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Royakkers, L.M.M. (Lambèr)

Lambèr Royakkers (1967) is an associate professor in the ethics of technology. He studied Philosophy and Social Sciences (Eindhoven 1991), Technical Mathematics (Eindhoven 1993), and Law (Tilburg 1999). He received his PhD at the Tilburg University in 1996. His dissertation was on the formalisation of normative rules with deontic logic. It has been revised...

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Bakx, G. (Gwendolyn)

Having finished the Royal Military Academy and Military Flight School, I started my career as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Most of the time I combined flying with managing people. During 10 years of operational flying I have been on several missions abroad. Thereafter I have been working as a...

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