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PD Dr. Kühler, M.C. (Michael)

Research My research interests cover ethics, metaethics, applied ethics, the philosophy of personhood, esp. personal autonomy and related topics, the philosophy of love, political philosophy, and action theory. Currently, I am working on normative and evaluative challenges of computer-mediated communication and interaction for the philosophy of love.   Selected Publications Ackeren, Marcel van/Kühler, Michael (eds.) (2016):...

Nolen Gertz
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Dr. Gertz, N. (Nolen)

Assistant Professor of Applied Philosophy, University of Twente Nolen Gertz is the author of Nihilism and Technology (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018), and is currently completing a book on Nihilism for MIT Press’s Essential Knowledge series.  He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research in 2012. His doctoral dissertation...

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Lanzing, M. (Marjolein)

Marjolein Lanzing is currently a PhD student at the Department of Philosophy and Ethics at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Her research ‘The Transparent Self: Identity and Relationships in a Digital Age’  will contain a normative interpretation of the changing norms of privacy under the perspective of the changing meaning of the Self in a digital age. Specifically, this entails an...

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Hung, C. (Ching)

What is the position and status of technology when it goes into the realm of politics between nature and society? With the concern of environmental sustainability, I has completed a master’s thesis on green architecture and appropriate technology and earned a master’s degree in STS (science and technology studies). Besides this major background, I...

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Baş, M. (Melis)

Melis Baş is a P.h.D candidate in the Philosophy Department of University of Twente. Her project is focused on understanding Social Media as a “ground for politics” inspired by Hannah Arendt’s political Theory. Melis studied international relations, political philosophy and philosophy of science, technology and society. Her political background enables her to make connections...

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