Medical Technology

#Ethics case: When incidences of respiratory disease rises as a result of pollution and #climatechange prompts him to speak up, how should a physician approach a discussion of politicized topics with his patients?

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Modern healthcare and technology go hand in hand; technological achievements are directly responsible for the treatment of millions of patients and eradication of formerly widespread diseases. But healthcare professionals take on increasingly more responsibility, and so does medical technology. How can we justify our heavy reliance on medical equipment? What values are manifested in medical technology, considering that values vary among cultures and over time? 4TU.Ethics researchers study issues that medical technology confronts us with, and sets up frameworks that help shape future technologies in healthcare.

Task Force coordinator: Saskia Nagel

Other members:

David Lyreskog
Marianne Boenink
Mayli Mertens
Lily Frank
Philip Nickel
Sven Nyholm
Elisabeth O’Neil

Affiliated members:

Phil Robichaud
Sofia Kaliarnta