"First, Congress needs to codify standards around political advertising... Second, we need to draw a thoughtful line between the responsibilities of government and the large technology companies...The last line of defense will always be citizens.."…

From AJung Moon's Twitter

Robots are increasingly used to accompany and replace humans, for instance in healthcare. Drones have recently made their debut on the battlefield, but research on ethical issues surrounding these robots has only just taken off. But can a robot meaningfully replace a human caregiver, or become a faithful companion? What kind of ethical considerations are involved in the use of drones? Does our reliance on robots compromise our values? 3TU.Ethics researches work with engineers to study how values are manifested during the design process and the use of robots and information technologies.
Task Force coordinator: Aimee van Wynsberghe
Other members:
Filippo Santoni de Sio (ethics of robotics)
Peter-Paul Verbeek
Ciano Aydin
Peter Novitzky
Maartje de Graaf (social acceptance, human-robot interaction)
Myrthe van Nus
Affiliate members:
Noel Sharkey
Peter Asaro (The New School, New York, USA)
Scott Robbins (VU)