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  • Vacancy
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  • TU Delft

Responsibility arrangements in resilience policy for climate adaptation

Two PhD positions

The Ethics/Philosophy of Technology Section of Delft University of Technology offers two positions for PhD candidates as part of the research project ‘Responsibility arrangements in resilience policy for climate adaptation’. The complete vacancy text can be found at Academic Transfer. The project is supported by an NWO Vidi Grant and will be conducted by...

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  • Call for papers
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  • TU Eindhoven

The Ethics of Disruptive Technologies

4TU.Ethics Bi-annual Conference, 7th- 8th November 2019

Call for Papers on the Ethics of Disruptive Technologies – deadline for abstracts 1st July 2019 Confirmed Keynote Speakers include:  Catriona McKinnon, University of Reading and Tamar Sharon, Radboud University Description of the conference theme: Throughout history, technology has been a driver of social change. The technologies of the industrial revolution played a crucial...

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  • Workshop
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  • TU Delft

Questions and Challenges of Human Research Ethics

Dutch STEM Research Ethics Committees

On Monday 15th April 2019 the first workshop for members of the university research ethics committees that review Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related human research (i.e. research involving human subjects or participants) will take place. Besides medical ethics committees and ethics committees for social and behavioural sciences, Dutch universities have also recognised...

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